Hi, I'm Michael Castlado. I'm the owner of FM Guitar Repair. I've turned my lifelong passion and love for music and guitars into a business where anyone can get their instruments repaired and know that they will be repaired right.


My journey with guitar repairs began in 2002 when a guy, who is now a life long friend, responded to an ad I had put out for a Mesa Boogie amp. He offered to get me a job at the Fender Guitar plant as long as I took a couple hundred dollars off the price. Sold! So from there I ended up being a Fender employee.

I worked for Fender as a "tune/tester" for 4+ years doing setups on 24 to 35 guitars per day. I also learned how to do minor repairs along the way.

Shortly after that, an opportunity came up to work for G&L Guitars.

G&L was a much more hands-on experience. It's where I learned the meat and potatoes of my skills. With only 20 or so factory employees, there was a lot more to do and learn. I even learned how to "relic" guitars! It was a blast! 

After a while, life led me and my family to Southwest Florida. Once there, I got a job at Guitar Center as a repair tech.

This is where I really expanded my knowledge. I learned about repairing acoustic guitars, structural repairs, broken headstocks, lifting bridges, etc. and most importantly, where I met all of you fine people that have helped me develop my client base! Once the corporate leash tightened to a point to where it wasn't comfortable for me, I chose to leave and start a new adventure with my own repair business. Here I am, ready to serve you and treat you like a human and not just a number.  


For your convenience, FM Guitar Repair offers FREE pickup and delivery service of your instruments to the Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Newport, Mission Viejo, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and other selected  areas.