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Restring and instrument maintenance:

Keep your electric and acoustic guitars, mandolines or banjos freshly strung and playing thier best with regular setups. 

Intonation, action, truss rod adjustment:

Regular playing, stress and environmental factors like heat and humidity can really affect your guitar, causing buzzing, high action, intonation issues, etc. FM Guitar Repair can help undo the damage. 

Personalized setup upgrades and modifications:

Make your guitar feel like home with some custom upgrades. 

Wiring, and pickup install, electrical upgrades and customization:

 From new pickups to switching options, there are endless possibilities. 

Bone nut and compensated saddle replacements:

Improve tone and/or playability by switching to bone or other cool options.

Fret dressing and fret replacement:

All those gigs can add up, and sooner or later your frets start to wear. Bring lightly worn frets back to life with a good dressing, or replace those long-suffering frets and enjoy a giant jump in playability.

Hardware customization and cosmetic enhancements:

 Give your guitar a visual style as unique as you are.

Headstock and structural repair:

Playing music can be pretty intense, especially for your guitar. Get those cracks and bruises expertly repaired so you can keep on playing.​

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